Archie Comics MAC products

Archie Comics MAC products

Get the Betty or Veronica look!

Some makeup brands have the whole using media favorites to sell makeup thing down to an art. I remember buying nail polish and lipstick in the Max Factor brand when I was a teenager because they were advertised as the “looks” of Rose Dewitt Bukater of Titanic (AKA Kate Winslet, whom I still love dearly) and the fairies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which came out a bit later, I believe. I have since seen teen girls purchase products marketed to make them look like Bella from Twilight (which is unfortunate) and Katniss from The Hunger Games (who is a BAMF) and I can relate.

MAC now features a line of products based on the Archie Comics series. I’m a little too young for these, but I do remember looking at the comics my grandmother had in the house (she read pretty much everything). These “looks” are modeled after the comics’ heroines, Betty and Veronica. If I recall correctly, Veronica was a rich girl and a bit of a snob while Betty was the girl next door, into sports and being herself or something like that. Archie pretty much dragged them both along, so I don’t know why anyone would want to be either of them—unless they gave him what for, and then I say go for it!

The MAC product line is called MAC Archie’s Girls, which I also think is unfortunate—being named after the guy who wants you half of the time sucks. Veronica’s products are supposed to be on the darker side while Betty’s are brighter and more pastel.  The logo will feature—guess who?—Archie between the two girls, which is also annoying. I doubt anyone is trying to get his “look.” I guess it’s really just the reverse love triangle of today’s popular two guys to one girl; only in today’s trios, a couple usually walks off into the sunset rather than a trio…

If anyone wants to start a comic book line of makeup, I’d totally be down for X-Men—or better yet, Batman! Who wouldn’t want the “look” of Poison Ivy, Batgirl, or Catwoman, the most awesome females among the comic pages? Some Storm, Jean Grey, or Rogue wear would also be pretty cool. I would definitely buy some Phoenix lip gloss if it had my favorite character on it. What can I say, I love her.

That said, if we marketed products to bring out the best in you as you are, right now, I think it would be the coolest ad campaign ever. I would happily buy those products!