Bare It All

Bare It All

Bare Escentuals how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! One jar of the perfect foundation, have you tried the new click lock and go packaging? It's fabulous and no more spill in my purse or messy makeup bags! The foundation goes on flawlessly, no weird orange tones that make me look like I am a distant relative of E.T. With six different shades and tones you can rest assured that you get a great match on the first purchase.  This foundation is applied so simply.

1. Swirl the brush in the minerals.

2. Tap off any excess powder from your brush.

3. Buff with your brush in circular motions on your face for the lightest full coverage available out there.

I will say as someone who suffered with cystic acne for a long time, I am completely devoted to the line of products offered by Bare Escentuals. I have an extremely fair complexion, making the acne even worse because the purple bumps were a contrast that stuck out like a sore thumb. The minerals gave me all the coverage I needed, it was even and smooth, as well as non irritating to the skin issues I was having.  I would use the concealer brush and pad the broken out areas with a little extra powder using the Bare Blemish therapy that is now available to help heal, protect and cover. I also hit the dark circles under my eyes with a little extra foundation. After that you have a perfect base.

Time to move on to your Mineral Veil, swirl, tap, and buff the same as you would your foundation. When applied the veil gives you a nice airbrushed look, it really completes the total package. Keep in mind the minerals are safe and all natural. It may surprise you to find out chemicals in a lot of our health and beauty products today have toxins that are known to cause cancer later in life.

Check out the prepping and priming skincare line offered by Bare. The primer helps with larger pores and uneven texture, plus makes a great base for a seamless look. As a bonus it has an SPF of 15. Try out the Skin Revver Upper too, it's like vitamins and you  apply them right to your skin.  It works with all skin types. It's fragrance free and full of many smoothing botanicals, and clarifying salicylic acid.

Looks like now you have a great start to your skin!