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SolarNail Removal

SolarNail is a patented liquid and powder that you know well as acrylic. Yup, your alternative all natural nails that you were promised are made from the same as all the others, acrylic. All nail enhancements, no matter what you are told, are acrylic based. Remember that when you walk into that discount salon, they are trying to sell a product (not to say that all discount salons are bad). The SolarNail acrylic that is used is a refined dental acrylic that is used in fillings. The good news is that means that removing them isn't going to require rocket science.
Nail enhancements are not always as easy to remove as they're supposed to be. The acrylic base that is made up from liquid and powder is methyl methacrylate and can be hard to break down. Your honest to God best bet to get those babies off is to go to a good nail salon that knows what they are doing. However, if you insist on doing them at home on your own, swing by the store and pick up some pure acetone.
Get yourself comfy cause you're going to need to soak your finger nails for about 30 minutes. When the timer dings, work on one finger at a time. If you remove all of them from the acetone, the acrylic is going to re-harden and you will get to start the process all over again.
After 30 minutes of soaking, your nails should not take much force to remove them. If your nails were done right, you will not need to rip or pry them off. Ripping and tearing will cause your nails major damage that can be temporary or long term. You are also putting yourself at a 100% chance at some unneeded pain.
So if they don't come off easily, the cheapskates that did your nails used a product called MMA. Even though it is band for use on nails by the FDA, it is still found in some nail salons. MMA is super cheap in comparison to what should actually be used and any reputable nail technician wouldn't be caught dead using it. MMA makes nail enhancements extremely hard to remove and most times the nails won't get removed.
If this is the situation you find yourself in, do you and your poor fingernails a huge favor and go to a good salon. Spend the extra few bucks to save yourself a lot of pain (and fingernails that will only embarrass you). A nail tech will have to help you trim them back, file them down and make them look as presentable as possible until they grow out. Before you leave the helpful nail salon that came to your rescue, be sure to tip your nail tech and grab their card. Put it in your wallet and make a promise to yourself that in the future, this will be the only place that does your nails from here on out. Don't learn the hard way like I did. After my set of nail enhancements from a cheap discount place, I hardly had a nail bed left to speak for when the enhancements came off. My fingers were red and swollen. Any pressure, even from just holding a pencil, hurt like an SOB. That was the first and last time I have ever had my nails done.