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Acne Laser Treatment

Tired of using expensive creams and wash routines to get rid of acne? Even prescription medication to treat your acne seems hopeless and slowly depleting your bank account but you still find yourself left with a face covered in pimples and/or acne scars. If this sounds like you, there is an alternative that works and gets rid of the problem permanently.
Acne laser treatment can be expensive for some but if you are good with money you'll be able to have the funds to pay for it in no time. Each session if you need more than one, is $500.00 costing much less than most cosmetic and enhancement surgeries. There are three different laser treatments and each cost the same.
Laser treatment works to rid your face or any acne effected skin by shrinking the sebaceous glands under your skin that get blocked by oils. When your sebaceous glands get clogged you develop pimples. Shrinkage of these glands will cause little to no breakouts since nothing can get in the glands to cause that irritation. The process is painless and you do not feel a thing. As with any treatment there are some possible side effects but are rare. Side effects of the treatment include slight skin discoloration that does go away and even more rare, swelling of the treated area of skin.
Of the three, nonablative laser treatment is the most commonly used. It causes absolutely no discomfort, however you may need to have several visits to completely clear up your acne problem depending on how extreme your case is.
The Erbium laser treatment is a great option for those that have acne scars and wrinkles that need to be removed as well as your blemishes. Again, this one is not painful but also may take more than one session to complete the process if you have an extreme case of acne, wrinkles and scars resulting from your acne.
Third on the list some use as a last resort. Unlike the others, it can be painful but you are very unlikely to need a repeat session. It costs the same $500.00 as the rest and you get the same outcome of not having acne problems any more. Carbon dioxide laser treatment vaporizes the areas of effected skin. It works by using bursts of high energy light on your pimples removing the problem permanently. This particular treatment is highly effective and most recommended as best acne laser treatment method. A side effect of this procedure is afterwords, it can cause skin to produce more pigmentation for a very short period of time.
All three types of laser treatments will only take up about 20 minutes of your time. Following your laser treatment you can go home and throw out all those acne medications and creams because you won't ever need them again. Once you have your laser treatment procedure done there is nothing more that you have to do. It is very rare for someone to have to go in for a follow up appointment with complications or complaints of the treatment not working or making a difference at all. If you're ready to be rid of acne take a look at for more information and what might be available in your area.