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Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Ever since stumbling across the Glad Rags website, I’ve wanted to try sustainable feminine hygiene products. They are both better for the planet as well as more affordable in the long run; it’s the start up cost for them that I never seem to have around. Plus, I’ve been known to have abnormal uterine bleeding, and I’m not sure how well the pads would handle that.

I’d also love to teach my daughter to use this alternative menstrual product whenever she starts her period. Hopefully that won’t be for another seven years or so; still, I want to establish the habit myself so I’m comfortable using them when I introduce her to them. Since we homeschool, she won’t have the added pressure of having to store them while she’s at school—something that used to deter me as well.

I would love to hear from other users of alternative hygiene products. How well do they work? Would you recommend them? And if you don’t use Glad Rags, do you use another brand, or do you make your own? I’ve read that they’re not hard to make with some flannel and other materials. It could be a great way to recycle old clothing, too, if it’s clean enough.