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Sweet simplicity: Organic lip and cheek stains

With the recent trend of mineral powders and make-up in ads you see splashed all across the internet and on television, I had to stop and question whether or not this was a fad worthy of all the attention. Make-up is so complicated. It is always changing, it is always expensive and it is always a controversy with animal testing, whale killing, toxic nail polish fuming in bottles upon bottles all retailing in double and triple digit dollar signs to keep women spending their way towards the ideal of a more beautiful visage. Poppycock, I say! Let us revisit the timeless beauty classic- the stain. It is sweet simplicity itself and now I'd like to explore the best of all natural, organic stains available for the lip and cheek.

As a child, perhaps you remember smearing cherry red rouge or chapstick across your little face. Kiddy cosmetics safe enough to eat. Why change the rules for adults? We've all read the studies about how many pounds of lipstick a woman consumes in her lifetime. And as far as all of the talc or mineral based powders we sweep across our cheeks, why not choose a simple fruit based stain instead? Skip the clogged pores and cosmetic dust by choosing a simple, organic stain for your cheeks. Stains will outlast any lipstick without drying your lips out like many of the long-wear lipsticks. And you can rest easy while sipping your after work cocktail or cup of tea, knowing that the stain you applied 8 hours earlier, still looks great and won't be invading your bloodstream with any lab engineered ingredients.

Lip stains and natural rouges are some of the first cosmetics ever invented. Let's take a look at some of the best natural products on the modern market, which ironically, are also the most similar to the ancient cosmetics of yore.

At the top of the list of natural stain makers are von Natur, Purity, Benefit, Tarte, Aveda, and The Body Shop- all offering natural, organic lip and cheek stains that give romantic color and no flaking. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush, warm water, and baking soda first and then dab with a conditioning salve. Apply the lip stains with a brush or your little finger very carefully and then top with gloss, if you desire extra shine. Like powdered blush, cheek stains are applied sparingly and then slowly rubbed in with your fingers or a cosmetic wedge.

If you want to cut out the middle man when it comes to stains, try rubbing your lips with a slice of freshly cut beet or a crushed raspberry or blueberry. You can also used henna powder mixed with strong coffee or fresh blueberries which, will counteract the henna's natural yellow. Try mixing beet juice, rasperberries, blueberries and henna with a teaspoon of olive oil to build a custom color. Your homemade stains will put you amongst the ranks of Cleopatra and Indian princesses who have long been adorning their faces with the fruits of the field and forest.

Stains give your lips a bitten, natural look. Instead of shlacking your lips with sticky gloss or thick lipsticks (aka kiss deterents!), give yourself the gift of a natural stain instead. Your lips and cheeks will glow with the look of youth, romance, and all natural health.