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Urban Decay: Cosmetics Worth Your Time (and the Price)

Urban Decay is a chic, contemporary cosmetics company that was started by David Soward, Patricia Holmes, Wende Zomnir, and Sandy Lerner in 1996. It has hone a long way since then, making its way as a staple at high-end shops. You can order it online or find it in boutiques and stores like the chic Ulta and Sephora, where you have the privilege of being able to try on any of the cosmetics before you actually buy it. Macy’s is also a recent carrier of this loved brand.
Unlike many cosmetics companies that are still in the dark ages when it comes to ethics, Urban Decay has never tested on animals. Also, it makes things easy for animal lovers by marking on its package which products that it considers vegan.
The company did make one faux pas when it released an adorable palette that had art that was somehow both pretty and adorable that boasted on how the company does not test on animals. It, in fact, asked how anybody could? Good point! One of the reasons we love Urban Decay. However, the faux pas that happened was that it included a side product with the palette, and that product was not vegan. This disappointed the vegans who had purchased the set, and it was later made clear on the website before the product was discontinued altogether. 
The quality of the product you’ll find at Urban Decay is superior to even some of the most high end brands. The colors are fabulous. If you like glitter (as I very much do), you want to check out some of their more playful colors. They all have fun names no matter what your style is.  If you like something a little more sophisticated, Urban Decay is still for you.