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New Perfume Breakthrough: Perfume in a Pill?

Women love their fragrances. I own many bottles of perfume and every time I smell a new, delicious scent, I just have to have it. The only problem with some perfumes is their staying power. I have bought fragrances that smell wonderful in the bottle and on me when testing them, only to find that the fragrance quickly fades on my body within hours of applying it.

A cure for this quickly fading perfume problem may be a perfume that you actually swallow in pill form. Sound ridiculous? I thought so at first, too. That is until I found out how and why this perfume actually works.

Australian researchers have been working on the “swallowable perfume” project for several years now and almost have it perfected. Once a person swallows the perfume pill, the scent is released throughout the day through the sweat glands. You know how when you eat lots of garlic you tend to smell like it? Well, this pill works in a similar way as the garlic phenomenon.  What is great is that during times of heavy sweating that would normally cause a person to smell bad, such as when working out at the gym, the person who has taken this pill will actually emit more of the pleasant scent. This makes it a virtual perfume and deodorant in one.

One thing I hope is that they come out with a version of this for men. Cologne in a pill would be great for the many men out there with body odor problems. Maybe the makers of Axe body spray will jump on this idea?

This product is soon to be released on the market, although there is has been no release date planned as of yet. I am going to be one of the first consumers in line to try this product. You never know, this may just be the beauty product breakthrough of the decade. I just hope it doesn’t give me perfume burps!