February 2007


The lady who gives me my weekly facials says that it is a necessity to have pain when experiencing a real, working facial. It really hurts!!! Should I say anything to her or is what she is saying true?????????

eye lift surgery

I'm looking to hear from African Americans who have had eye lift surgery. How was the recovery and, how did it heal? Any scaring, marks, dark blotching? Are you satisfied>? What could have been done better? talk about it.


I am a nice guy, but enjoy showing my feminine side. I enjoy dressing as a woman and really feel I can pass in public though I'm not yet ready to try. I'm petite, which helps, and have a very attractive and tasteful wardrobe. Aside from shaving my legs and underarms (like most women), is there anything else i could do to feminize myself? thanks so much.

Natural Beauty

hi there, Last year I cut my hair to rid myself of a perm I now have a natural.I grew a natural and now my hair is thicker, shinier and healthier than it's ever been before.Sometimes I wear my curly natural hair or I go to the hair stylist and get it straightened. It has never grown this fast before at least not since I got the perm.It is shoulder length and it hasn't even been a year yet! I wear minimal makeup(Lipstick and mascara sometimes) but I give myself facials twice a week. And I try to eat right and workout.