December 2007

china collection

I have a complete fine china collection from aladdin. It has the "vineland" name on it, and was made in Japan.I acquired the collection from my grandmother. As far as i know, it is pretty old.Just wondering if anyone out ther knew what a collection like that is worth?

rare infection

I don't know if anyone can help me with this but I have contracted an infection called pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is rare in the form that I contracted it and no doctors have seen this for about 20 years. It was contracted from an ear piercing where the gun was not sterile. I am in constant pain, have lumps in my neck, had part of my ear removed, have all the signs of infection and that its spreading and none of my doctors know what to do or are willing to help. I am totally lost...please help me.

LOLA cosmetics launch - SEATTLE

HEY! I wanted to let everyone know that the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom's store is now carrying LOLA Cosmetics. It's super hot in L.A., at fashion week in NYC and with Lucky Magazine. We are having a HUGE launch party with several make-over artists, music and tons of fun people, all on June 5th and 6th (which also happens to be Nordstrom's half yearly sale kick off).

Need help with Nail Systems..calling all nail techs!

i neeeeed help with nails systems, im trying to do a college course, and cannot find a thing on the net, i need to know what they are, how strong they are, visual impact n such!!!Any nail techs out there who can write to me on any nail system they know anything about would be a great help, please just write about whatever u know!! Things i need are Biosculptured nails, acrylic nails, gel, Fiberglass, silk, sculptured nails, preform stick on nails. ANY nail system PLEEEAAASEEEE Ta.. jennie