November 2008

Curling Mascaras

I have done extensive modeling and have tried every method and brand of mascara that is made. My lashes have always been straight and none of the new curling mascaras, white volume coating, or heated curling wands do anything for me whatsoever. I am a cosmetic junkie and every time something new comes I have hope but nothing works. Even if my lashes are curled for a few minutes they straighten right back out. Would like to hear if anyone might have straight lashes such as myself and had these problems.

Re: oily nails

I do acrylic nails on a friend of mine and I find myself doing them once a week. I think its because her nails are extra oily. Does anyone have any advice on what products to use so her nails stay on longer. I also do my nails and I have no problems.

nail trouble!

please! i put acrylic nails on my myself yesterday and i got tired of them, so i took them off. but 2 of them won't come off, and i tried everything! i need them off for tomorrow! plus, the glue stuck to my nails and they all look really crappy. is there anything i can do by tomorrow?