December 2008

Cosmetics and Personal Care Items Containing Toxic Ingredients

Cosmetics and personal care items are such a huge necessity no one seems to look or think twice about what may be in them. Since they are products that we depend on and virtually everyone buys them on a regular basis we would like to think that companies that are putting them on the shelves and our government has our best interest at heart. Sadly to say, it is not.

Roxanne Rizzo Cosmetics to Launch in U.S.

Making a huge hit in Japan, Roxanne Rizzo is excited to make her cosmetic debut in the United States in 2009. Last spring after her launch in Japan, Elle Girl Japan named Roxanne's concealer pallet as the number, must-have beauty product in the world. Her life long dream is finally becoming a reality.
Recently Roxanne gave a preview of her mineral makeup line in Staten Island at Giuliana's Restaurant in Great Kills. Mostly a private premier, invited were friends and family with some local salon owners as well as select makeup artists.

Acne Laser Treatment

Tired of using expensive creams and wash routines to get rid of acne? Even prescription medication to treat your acne seems hopeless and slowly depleting your bank account but you still find yourself left with a face covered in pimples and/or acne scars. If this sounds like you, there is an alternative that works and gets rid of the problem permanently.
Acne laser treatment can be expensive for some but if you are good with money you'll be able to have the funds to pay for it in no time.

Stem Cell Breast Enhancements

Going beyond the magical pill, herbal supplements and ridiculous exercise routines that don't work for an all natural and larger bust line, scientists are now using stem cell research to aid those who want breast enhancements.
In the past, embryonic cells have been studied to help find cures and treatments for Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart failure and Parkinson's. While you can get stem cells from any living being, stem cells from embryos are much more flexible and can develop cell based therapies for repair and replacement of damaged tissues.

Explanation Of The Cleo Facial

Cleo is the maker of the in home use electrical facial and body stimulator. All products made by Cleo are promised to mean that you will get the age defying looks that you want with out the need of surgery or implants. All of their products are completely toxin free so you can use them with a peace of mind. They believe in using all natural techniques inside and out to bring on your younger looks in both your face and body.
The Cleo Facial uses varied levels of impulses and frequencies unlike salon products who use a single impulse.

SolarNail Removal

SolarNail is a patented liquid and powder that you know well as acrylic. Yup, your alternative all natural nails that you were promised are made from the same as all the others, acrylic. All nail enhancements, no matter what you are told, are acrylic based. Remember that when you walk into that discount salon, they are trying to sell a product (not to say that all discount salons are bad). The SolarNail acrylic that is used is a refined dental acrylic that is used in fillings.