August 2009

Sweet simplicity: Organic lip and cheek stains

With the recent trend of mineral powders and make-up in ads you see splashed all across the internet and on television, I had to stop and question whether or not this was a fad worthy of all the attention. Make-up is so complicated. It is always changing, it is always expensive and it is always a controversy with animal testing, whale killing, toxic nail polish fuming in bottles upon bottles all retailing in double and triple digit dollar signs to keep women spending their way towards the ideal of a more beautiful visage. Poppycock, I say! Let us revisit the timeless beauty classic- the stain. It is sweet simplicity itself and now I'd like to explore the best of all natural, organic stains available for the lip and cheek.

I Want to Look Like Bella!

OK, I really don’t. And never would. Ever. Yes, I’ve read the Twilight series and have mixed feelings about it, but Bella is likely one of my least favorite literary characters ever.

That said, I'm by no means above those who do.

I remember when Titanic came out and I wanted to look just like gorgeous Kate Winslet (hell, I still would—Kate is hot!). I bought the makeup she wore, a pair of glove like the pair she wore, and even started doing my hair in updos. My boyfriend (now-husband) even bought me a goofy pendant like the one she wore in the film that I would probably be embarrassed to wear today. I bought enough makeup to look like Kate (or Rose, if you will) in fact, that I was able to send in my proofs-of-purchase to buy an “exclusive” behind-the-scenes Titanic photo book!

Oh, boy. Those were the days, eh?

For Your Skin's Sake, Fake It

Though we’ve all known for some time that sun tanning can cause skin cancer, international cancer experts now say that it’s a much bigger risk than we may have thought before.

Ultraviolet radiation sources—including tanning beds—have now been moved to the top cancer risk category. This classification means that, along with tobacco products, hepatitis B and chimney sweeping, tanning is now considered a certain course for cancer.

You know, if any other form of radiation were the case, I doubt people would be paying to get it. I get upset every time my daughter has to have an x-ray, for crying out loud; and people have to wear suits to deal with other radiation forms as a job hazard. So why do we keep doing it? And why do parents allow their own children to do it?