October 2010

Eyeliner Trick: A Lighter

            This is a new quick and easy trick that I learned from junior high at a very young age that has been added to my make-up bag ever since. It is my famous eyeliner trick by just flicking on a lighter to any kind of eyeliner. I prefer pencil tip eyeliner, but any kind should work just fine. This eyeliner trick can make wonders to any sort of eye make-up either in a glam, seductive, smoky, or a nice sexy look on your eyes. I have been asked by some people about my eye make-up and the kind of products I use to achieve my glam, smoky cat eye look. It is one of my favorite timeless beauty secrets since I started experimenting with cosmetics as a young child. At the age of 11 years old, I have always had a keen, wide interest in beauty and what skin achieved with make-up care.