July 2011

Would You Alter Yourself for Your Fan Fetish?

I absolutely adore all things fantasy. From elves to fairies, wizards to unicorns, if it’s got something mystical in it, I’m in. I’ve even thought of getting ivy tattooed across my toes in a fairy-like gesture (as well as an homage to nature and my all-time favorite comic book character, Poison Ivy). But I don’t think I’d go beyond a small tattoo in the name of the fantasy elements that I love.

Plenty of other people, however, are more than willing; they will actually go as far as full out body modification to obtain the look of their favorite fantasy beings. Lots of elf fans, for example, such as those who adore Lord of the Rings (as do I; despite the joke in Clerks 2, my husband and I think our Arwen sword replica is wicked cool), are having their ears altered to resemble the ears of an elf.