October 2011

Dove Sponsors Self-Esteem Weekend

I love the idea of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, and all of their cool, non-Photoshopped videos and photo shoots featuring actresses who aren’t made up to look like airbrushed magazine ads. The campaign is a bit flawed, in my own eyes, since it stems from trying to sell products that make you prettier on the outside to begin with—and they haven’t used many curvy woman or fat spokespeople (save for Jess Weiner, who may or may not support all sizes anymore).

There are also chemicals in the products that definitely don’t make you beautiful, but instead may be linked to health issues… There are plenty of issues to have with it, really, but I think it’s a great first step that other companies could learn from. Other personal care product businesses sure aren’t making even this effort, so I do applaud Dove for that.