November 2011

New Perfume Breakthrough: Perfume in a Pill?

Women love their fragrances. I own many bottles of perfume and every time I smell a new, delicious scent, I just have to have it. The only problem with some perfumes is their staying power. I have bought fragrances that smell wonderful in the bottle and on me when testing them, only to find that the fragrance quickly fades on my body within hours of applying it.

A cure for this quickly fading perfume problem may be a perfume that you actually swallow in pill form. Sound ridiculous? I thought so at first, too. That is until I found out how and why this perfume actually works.

Johnson & Johnson to Clean Up Baby Products

Hopefully many parents already know that Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo is full of nasty, harmful ingredients—though I think that’s probably not the truth, since the brand has been voted as the most trusted by parents over and over again. Did you also hear that the company cleaned up its products in some countries in order to appease parents and accommodate local laws, but not in America?

Tsk, tsk. That wasn’t very nice, Johnson & Johnson! The chemicals that you knowingly insert into your products, 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde, are not only known carcinogens; trace amounts of the former are known to be a cause for concern. So how on Earth is this even legal, let alone so commonplace?

My Favorite New Discovery: Dry Shampoo

What woman hasn't woken up late for work or school and had to rush out of the house without having time to wash her hair? It happens to the best of us. Some women, including me, only wash their hair every other day to prevent excess dryness and damage. Although the ends of my hair are very dry, the roots can get a bit greasy on that second day. I have always just lived with it and figured it was for the best for the health of my hair. You can't wash just the roots of your hair without washing the ends.

I recently received a coupon for a free hair product from Suave Professionals for signing up for a promotion they had on Facebook. I went to the drugstore to see what my choices for my free product were and, low and behold, I found dry shampoo staring me in the face. I had always wanted to try this, but had only previously found it available from the very high-priced salon brands. I had to try it. How did it work?