December 2011

Cosmetic Items Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

Christmas is quickly approaching and, if you are anything like me, you are nowhere near done with your Holiday shopping. It can be hard to find just the right gift to purchase someone, especially when you are stressed out and on a time crunch. Thankfully, there are many cosmetic items for men and women that make great last-minute gift purchases. If you have enough time, you can purchase something from a department store, but you can even find cosmetic gifts on Christmas day at your local drugstore!

You may be thinking, "What about the men on my list?" There are many cosmetic items that men can appreciate and get lots of use out of, too. Cosmetics are not only for women, after all. No, I would not purchase your brother a bright red stick of lipstick, but a he would appreciate a nice, men's gift set. Here are some great last-minute cosmetic gift items for friends and family of both genders:

Retin-A: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Most women who keep on top of their looks know that a good skin product can make a large difference in their appearance. There are few skin products that can make more of a difference in a woman's (or man's) skin than Retin-A. This product has been on the market for decades. It is still used by many men and women for a reason: it works. There are few products on the market that treat acne and prevent wrinkles as well as Retin-A does. It is called tretinoin in its generic form, which is what I purchase for the best deal. I began using this cream in my early 20s to get rid of a mild acne problem and now that I am 30, I am beginning to cherish its wrinkle-preventing properties as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of using this (almost) miracle cream:

How to Get the Best Deals on Premium Makeup During the Holidays

"Equal opportunity savings can’t be beat."

If you are like most forward thinking fashionistas, you like to find a good deal on luxurious name brand cosmetics. There’s probably no better time to find ultimate savings on your favorite beauty indulgences than during the 30 days before Christmas. So read up on how to find the greatest deals on the best products. Who could ask for anything more?
First of all, get the notion out of your head that coupon clipping is for broke 1950s housewives. Think again. Coupon clipping is the “in” thing during a season of endless special offers that can save you hundreds if you are looking to give beauty gifts as well...or simply if you want to stock up for yourself.